The Minotaurs were among the original races that called Lunestriel their home before the arrival of the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. The Minotaurs are of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. Like the other Lomarii, they are an old race in Lunestriel.

Typically standing at 6’5" to 7’5", few creatures are as physically imposing as a Minotaur. They weigh around 290 – 350 pounds and are very strong. Minotaurs are bipedal bull-like creatures with a pair of deadly sharp curved horns. They are stout and have thickly built bodies. They have humanoid-like arms and hoof-like feet. They have fur which is typically tan, brown, black, or gray. They have a long snout much like a bull. By 20 years of age they are considered adults and typically live to be 150.

Minotaurs are fierce warriors. They are full of pride and courage, but sometimes they rush into things, especially in the heat of the moment. They are not unintelligent, however, and possess natural cunning. They are tough and make excellent warriors.

Minotaurs typically build settlements in isolated locations. Their ferocity typically keeps many from living too close anyway. But they are not evil anymore than humans are. Their settlements are very fortified and defensible. They are natural warriors and from an early age train in melee combat.


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