The Merfolk are among the races that inhabit both Lunestriel and Golarion. They are known as the Vamarii. The Merfolk have existed in Lunestriel for as long as the races of the Lomarii can remember. Thus the Merfolk are not considered as part of the Dowmarii, meaning “Portal-born” in Ancient Lunerii.

Aquatic humanoids, Merfolk are 5’10" to 7’4" feet long and weigh 140 to 250 pounds. They are slender and long, the top half of their body resembling an attractive human while the lower half is that of a great fish. Their hair and skin vary in color, depending on their region. Many merfolk have scales that are blue, while others are sea-green, and some still are coral red. Their hair is typically a more vibrant shade of their scales and their skin a softer shade. They can breathe both water and air, but prefer not to spend much time out of water. Furthermore, because of their tails, they have difficulty moving on land without some magical means of transportation. They reach adulthood at age 50 and live to be 300 years old.

Merfolk are reclusive and shy. They are distrustful of strangers and wary of those that enter their lands. They love nature and have a close bond to the sea and all bodies of water. They prefer art and culture to politics, philosophy, and ethics. They live in underwater communities, some in large beautiful cities, and care for the waterways of the world and the creatures of the sea. Those merfolk that do adventure are often of a different mold and are typically friendly and charming. They enjoy exploration and seeing the wonders of nature.


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