Lizardfolk in Lunestriel have existed since the recording of time. They also appear in Golarion, from which the Dowmarii, meaning “Portal-born”, came. This has led scholars to label them as a race of the Vamarii, meaning “Other-born”. No one is quite sure how lizardfolk exist in both Lunestriel and Golarion. Some theorize countless ages ago, Lizardfolk traversed through the portals much in the same way the Dowmarii did. Others suggest divine creation placed Lizardfolk in both realms, separate yet the same.

Tall and imposing, lizardfolk stand around 6’0" to 7’0" feet tall and weigh 170 to 280 pounds. They are covered in gray, green, or brown scales. Their eyes are typically yellow, gold, or blue in color. Their heads are adorned with brightly colored dorsal frills or spiky spines and have short crocodilian snouts. Although their 4-foot long tails often drags on the ground behind them while on land, it allows them remarkable stability and great maneuverability in the water. They reach maturity by age 12 and live to be 70 years old on average.

Lizardfolk dwell in highly communal, primitive settlements deep within swamp and marshland. Their society is patriarchal, with the strongest male leading tribes and shamans serving as his advisors. Despite their boorish treatment of outsiders, among their own kind lizardfolk are highly sociable.


Many tribes watch the encroachment of warm-blooded humanoids in their lands with weariness and dread. Ingrained superstitions, isolationist tendencies, and aversion to change often puts lizardfolk at odds with other races and as a result their numbers suffer mightily. Lizardfolk have a decent relationship with grippli, with whom they often share borders and trade; they also respect Vurk who always treat lizardfolk with kindness out of neighborly respect. Although they regard any mammal with a measure of disdain, they respect those with crafting skills, such as dwarves, and races skilled in martial combat, such as the minotaurs. Lizardfolk dislike Lop, Kuna, Bovis, and Ahreez, whom they have often fight to keep from encroaching on their lands. Humans are quickly joining this list as well.


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