Koda are one of the original races of Lunestriel, known as Lomarii or “Lunar-born” and precede the Dowmarii, races such as humans and elves, who arrived only in the past several hundred years.


Little bear-like humanoids, Koda stand on average 3’0" to 4’0" feet tall and weigh 80 to 140 pounds. They appear much like sentient bears, covered in fur; typical fur colors include shades of brown, gray, and black. Rare colors include white and most rare of all, red. Their eyes are small, beady and black, brown, or gold. They have an acute sense of smell. Koda reach maturity by age 12 and usually live average lifespans of 80.


Koda are inquisitive and friendly, and possess an innate ability that helps them to understand the motives of a creature. Though simple, they have good common sense. They are surprisingly strong for their small size. They live in densely wooded areas in the large tree forests of Lunestriel. They have good relations with Vor and Gilahri. They are troubled by the orcs and hobgoblins that have begun appearing near their forests more frequently over the past few hundred years. More and more of their people have been captured and enslaved, or worse.


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