The Hobgoblins are a race of the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. They are a fairly new race to Lunestriel, much like the humans and elves, having only been on the world for around half a millennia.


Larger cousins to goblins, Hobgoblins stand around 4’4" to 5’6" feet in height and weigh 150 to 250 pounds. They are well muscled and burly. Their skin begins as a sickly gray-green color, but long exposure to the sun turns it mossy green in color. Their eyes are usually red or orange in color. Their broad faces and sharply pointed ears look somewhat feline in appearance. They have no facial hair and even their women are bald. Hobgoblins look much like goblins, except for their size. They live about 60 years and reach adulthood by age 15.

Hobgoblins are fierce and militaristic. Their society revolves entirely around conquest. It is how they survive. Their raw materials are gathered through raids and spoils of war. Their buildings are built through the blood, sweat, and deaths of slaves. Naturally ambitious and envious, hobgoblins seek to better themselves at the expense of others of their kind, yet in battle they put aside petty differences and fight with discipline rivaling that of the finest soldiers. Hobgoblins have little love or trust for one another, and even less for outsiders. Life for these brutes consists of duty to those of higher station, domination of those below, and the rare opportunities to seize personal glory and elevate their status.


Hobgoblins live in militaristic tyrannies, each community under the absolute rule of a hobgoblin general. Every hobgoblin in a settlement receives military training, with those who excel serving in the army and the rest left to serve more menial roles. Matings are matters of convenience, and are almost always limited to hobgoblins of equal rank. Any resulting baby is taken from its mother and forcibly weaned after 3 weeks of age. Young mature quickly—most take no more than 6 months to learn to talk and care for themselves. Hobgoblins’ childhoods last a scant 14 years, a mirthless span filled with brutal training in the art of war. Hobgoblins view other races as nothing more than tools—implements to be enslaved, cowed, and put to work. Without slaves, hobgoblin society would collapse, so reliant is it on stolen labor.


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