The Givin are one of the original races that called Lunestriel their home before the arrival of the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. The Givin are of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. While the elves and humans are relatively new to Lunestriel, the Givin are an old race.


The Givin are a strange and bizarre race of skeleton-looking humanoids. They appear so due to their hard, pale skin and sunken eyes which very much looks like a skull. They stand at 5’2" to 5’8" feet in height and weigh 90 to 130 pounds. They are thin and bony looking, which further contributes to their skeletal appearance. Their skin, pale white in complexion, is actually a tough exoskeleton. Their hands are exceptionally large for their size. Interestingly, Givin are able to seal their external orifices, which allows them to survive harsh environments for a short period of time. Their eyes are black. Givin live approximately 400 years and reach adulthood by age 50.

Givin are intelligent and hardy, but their bizarre appearance is off-putting. They are logically minded and enjoy pursuits of the mind. All manner of intellectual and magical achievement is respected. They are very skilled mathematicians. Givin have a strange and mostly unknown culture. They are rather secretive and keep to themselves; they are a mostly self-isolated culture and have trouble relating to others. They have an odd phobia of exposed skin; so they are most always covered in long-flowing outfits. They are governed by a council of the most intelligent in their society. Givin are very magic oriented and nearly all of their ruling council is magically inclined. The race is limited in numbers, as they mature slowly and love is viewed as a distraction.


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