The Dragonborn are one of the Lomarii, meaning lunar-born in Ancient Lunerii. They, as the Aaenshi and Avians, are an old race that has existed in Lunestriel for as long as anyone has thought to record such things.


Dragonborn, the proud descendants of dragons or so they claim, are intimidating creatures. They stand at 5’10" – 6’8" feet and weigh a solid 230 to 310 pounds. They are covered in tough scales; these scales can be of a variety of colors, just as dragons can be of many colors. Typical colors, though, are red, orange, blue, black, green, brown, brass, and white. Rarer are colors of purple, gold, and silver. They have faces similar to reptiles and dragons, as well as sharp claws on four-fingered hands. They have no tails or wings. Their eyes vary in color just as their scales do. They reach maturity slowly, around 30 years of age, and live an average lifespan of 250 years. Dragonborn are hatched from eggs; hatching after a whole year. This fact, combined with the fact that they generally lay only one to two eggs at a time, has greatly limited the races growth.


Tough and prideful, Dragonborn are resilient creatures and fierce warriors. They claim to be descendants of the fierce dragons on Lunestriel. Despite their prowess as warriors, due to their low hatching rate, they are not a very widespread race. Many dragonborn live in fierce warrior clans, divided by the color of their scales, though the color of their scales is not tied to their alignment. However, this way of life is dying out, and many have abandoned this heritage for life in the larger cities and nations. The black and green represent a clan. The red and orange have a clan. The blue and white have a clan. The brown and brass dragonborn represent the largest clan, while the gold and silver have the smallest clan. A few strange colors do exist, though these are often social outcasts.


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