Changelings are of the Dowmarii, meaning Gate-Born. They came to Lunestriel through the Gate-Stones. Interestingly, some of the very first Dowmarii to come to Lunestriel were Changelings. These were employed by the nations in Golarion to explore this new land and see what it had to offer.


Changelings are a unique race, descended from humans breeding with doppelgangers, capable of shape-shifting to appear as races around them. In their true forms, they stand at about 5’2" to 6’0" in height and weigh on average 100 – 150 pounds. They are typically slender like elves and appear frail. Their skin is always pale, and the darkest of them are a light gray. A changeling has large, pupil-less eyes with thick black rings around them. They live on average as long as humans do.

Because of their abilities, changelings are seen as rogues and assassins. In order to fit into society, they typically assume the form of the beings around them. Social outcasts, changelings try to blend in with the culture around them and therefore have none of their own. For the most part, changelings are fine with that, typically claiming other societies as their own. Like elves, changelings are very nimble. They also have an uncanny way with words, which helps them as they try to blend in with those around them.


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