Aasimar can be found among the Dowmarii and the Lomarii. Over the years, such races have come to be known as Vamarii, which means “Other-born” in Ancient Lunerii.

Aasimar often look very human with minor indicators of their unusual ancestry. These differences can span a wide range, but most often are exemplified by an unearthly beauty, hair that shines like metal, strange eye color, or even glowing golden halos. This heritage can remain hidden for generations and unexpectedly appear in the offspring of two seemingly human parents.

Aasimar also tend to have strong, confident personalities, with minds that are not easily shaken by doubt or misdirection. They are often quite insightful and perceptive, able to formulate coherent and persuasive arguments with little effort.

Like their ancestors, aasimar have an increased power over light and dark, displaying the ability to see in complete darkness for limited distances and spontaneously generate daylight. They also inherit a strong resistance to cold, heat or fire, and corrosive effects.

Though aasimars have the blood of celestial beings, their ancestry is at least one step removed from the original introduction of that blood: the child of a union of a mortal with a celestial being is a half-celestial, not an aasimar. Aasimars may then, but not necessarily, be born from the union of the half-celestial with another mortal being. The possibility of an aasimar birth continues to many generations after that union, even when two mortals have children, so long as one of the mortals is a direct descendant of the half-celestial. Half-celestial creatures may be of many types, but it is found that aasimars are only possibly born from humanoids.

Aasimar are often treated by many humans as living miracles. This tends to result in them being outcasts among their peers during their formative years and being given a significant amount of strange attention from the superstitious looking to receive a blessing from the descendant of an angel. They are not all good, but certainly tend in that direction. Because of their reputation for being generally good creatures, they are sometimes targeted for killing or capture by evil beings, such as black dragons.


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