The Mynx were among the original races that called Lunestriel their home before the arrival of the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. The Mynx are of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. Like the Kuna , they are an old race in Lunestriel.

Resembling humanoid-weasels, mynx stand around 4’10" to 5’10" feet tall and weigh 70 to 130 pounds. They are naturally slender and long with sleek fur that varies in color. They have beady, black or brown eyes, though blue or green rarely occur. Mynx have a pointed snout with small whiskers and sharp, pointy teeth. They reach maturity by age 12 and live to be around 70 years old.


Mynx are resourceful and charming. They are sly and sneaky, preferring to get about stealthily. They are good at drawing attention or going unnoticed when it suits them. They are agile and friendly, but are somewhat frail. They are sly pranksters and enjoy causing harmless mischief. They are friendly but can turn quite vicious if forced out of their comfort zone. Fortunately they have a large comfort zone. They are relatively easy-going but they are known to be possessive and have a reputation for being greedy.

Mynx have no nation to call their own but live amongst the other races of Lunestriel. They mix well and get along well with others, either by choice or necessity. They enjoy the city and the opportunities it provides. They do just fine in the rural areas, though they are prone to get lonely. They enjoy the noise and business of the towns and cities.


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