Myconids are one of the Lomarii, or “Lunar-born” in Ancient Lunerii. They are one of the original races of Lunestriel, whereas the elves and orcs have only been in Lunestriel for the past 500 years or so. These races came through the Gate-Stones and are known as Dowmarii, or “Portal-born”.


Myconids are a race of mushroom-like humanoids. They vary in height depending on their age and stage of life. They reach maturity by age 16 and can live lifespans of around 120 years. At around 16 years of age, myconids slow in growth; by this point they are around 4’8" to 5’8" feet tall and weigh around 90 to 160 pounds. They are stocky humanoids that resemble mobile mushrooms. They have a pair of hands with three fingers and a thumb. Myconids have no mouth or ears. Their eyes are large and black and are just under the mushroom-like cap of their head.

Shy and thoughtful, myconids prefer not to fight when possible. Instead they will try to hide from intruders, using spores to distract their enemy. They live underground in the underdark of Lunesteriel. Here they live in small tribes composed of circles of myconids and use spores to communicate with one another. They can use spores to form a group-mind type of state, though they are indeed individual creatures. In the underdark, they grow and farm fungus and are practically harmless. When threatened they run and hide. If pursued, the larger myconids, some of which can grow to heights of 12 feet, will defend the others.


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