The Gilahri are one of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-born” in Ancient Lunerii. They, just as the Cuna and Mynx, are an old race that has existed in Lunestriel for many years, long before the coming of the Dowmarii, meaning “Portal-born” in Ancient Lunerii.


Standing at around 4’2" to 5’4" feet tall and weighing 70 to 120 pounds, Gilahri are squirrel-like humanoids. They have long bushy tails around three foot in length. They are covered in fur which ranges in shades from common hues of brownish gray and red to less common colors of black, redsih, and grayish-blue. Rare are Gilahri with white fur. Their eyes are large and black in color. They mature by age 12 and typically live to be around 90 years old.

Gilahri are lovers of nature and fun. They live in various environments but almost always in forests, whether it be temperate, cold, or warm. They build their settlements amongst the trees and enjoy romping through the treetops, which they are skilled at traversing. They frown upon those that destroy their forest or its wildlife. They have a friendly relationship with Vor, whose music they enjoy. They are skilled archers and friendly in general. Gilahri also have a close friendship with Kercpa, a smaller race of squirrel-like people.


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