Centaur in Lunestriel have existed since the recording of time. They also appear in Golarion, from which the Dowmarii, meaning “Portal-born”, came. This has led scholars to label them as a race of the Vamarii, meaning “Other-born”. It is unclear where exactly Centaur came from.

Large and imposing creatures, centaur typically stand around 6’10" to 8’0" feet tall and weigh 1400 to 1800 pounds. They have the body of a horse from the waist down. Their torso and head are that of a human. The skin tones of their upper body are often deep shades of tan though the hair color of their lower body varies. Centaurs usually have dark hair and eyes. They mature by age 15 and typically live to be around 70.


Centaur tend to live in remote areas, though the climate varies. They are gruff and likely shy from strangers, but are fiercely protective of their lands. They don’t trust strangers and can be difficult to deal with; they are known to be short and to the point. They don’t believe in idle chatter. They are strong and used to surviving off the land. For the most part, they are hunters and gatherers. They take pride in their hunting skills and are disdainful of farming. They are a proud people, but respect wisdom and strength used properly. They dislike magic and don’t trust its users.


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