The Ahreez were among the original races that called Lunestriel their home before the arrival of the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. The Ahreez are of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. While the elves and humans are relatively new to Lunestriel, the Ahreez are an old race.

Vurk were taller than average humanoids, standing at around 6’2" to 7’2" feet and weighing 160 to 260 pounds. Amphibious in nature, Vurk can breathe water and air. This suits them well, and they can typically be found in coastal or marshy regions. They have dark skin tones of green, with variations of gray, brown, and blue. Their eyes are large and bulbous. They have a very distinctive sweeping head crest. They have three digits on their hands, one of which is an opposable thumb. They mature by age 20 and live an average of 140 years.

Incredibly patient, Vurk are compassionate and wise. They are positive thinkers and have a strong moral code. They believe in personal integrity and often develop their own code of honor. They encourage individual freedom and personal honesty. Part of their personal integrity includes ones ability to defend themselves, and so they are often quite skilled in their chosen method of combat.


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