Ursyn are big, bear-like humanoids. They are of the Lomarii, those called “Lunar-born”. They are one of the old races of Lunestriel.


Ursyn are intimidating creatures standing at 5’10" to 6’8" feet tall and weighing 240 to 340 pounds. They are covered in thick fur and have sharp claws and teeth. Their furs range in colors, with common colors of tan, brown, gray, and black, to rare colors of white and a bluish-black. Their eyes are typically a shade of brown, black, hazel, amber, or gold. They mature by age 12 but typically live only 70 years.

Fierce warriors and protectors of their families, Ursyn value family, friendship, and honor. They are distrustful of strangers but once you make a friend of one, they are lifelong friends. Ursyn often live in tribes, with a dozen or so large families living together. They are strong creatures, and tough, but they don’t get a grasp on things quickly and they resist change. They can be stubborn and fickle. But they often have a tender heart.


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