Tieflings are of the Dowmarii, meaning “Portal-Born”, who arrived in Lunestriel through the Gate-Stones. While it is possible that fiends might have mated with the Lomarii to create tieflings, there are no records in all of Lunestriel of such an event.

Tieflings are the offspring of humans and fiends, resulting in a creature shunned and despised for its other-worldly blood and traits. Despite their appearance, tieflings have a human’s capacity for choosing their own fate, and while some choose to embrace their dark heritage, others reject their fiendish predilections.

Because of the varied nature of their heritage, so to is the appearance of tieflings. No two are just alike. Typically, they range in height from 4’6" to 6’6" feet tall and weigh anywhere from 100 – 240 pounds. Some may appear as humans with small horns and a tail, while others may possess sharp teeth, claws, wings, and oddly colored eyes. Some may even look bestial or smell of blood or brimstone. Because of this, tieflings may appear as anything from strangely beautiful to grotesquely frightening. And due to their fiendish heritage, they have long lifespans, close to elves, though many tieflings die early and often violent deaths.

Due to the nature of their background, tieflings rarely have their own settlements. They typically live on the fringes of society, and rarely come into contact with others of their own kind in the average society. For this reason, they normally adopt the culture and mannerisms of their parents, or those around them. They typically face a significant amount of prejudice from other races, but find an odd connection to half-elves, half-orcs, fetchlings, changelings, and other oddities from normal society. Even stranger, aasimars number among those that find a kindred spirit to tieflings.

Thanks to society’s rejection of tieflings, they are often quick to pick up the mantle of adventurer. They make skilled rogues and wizards, thanks to their natural agility and intellect. However, some tieflings with a more direct link to their dark heritage may have other natural abilities which make them skilled warriors or even clerics.


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