Goblins were unknown in Lunestriel before the Gate-Stones opened. But there must have been some hidden in the wilds of Golarion because the Lomarii have noticed an increasing number of the little creatures out in the wild lands.

Goblins are a small race of humanoids, standing at about 2’8" to 3’4" feet tall and weigh a mere 30 to 40 pounds. They are short and ugly humanoids with small bodies and an oversized head. Typically they are hairless. Their ears are large and pointed and stick out as much as up. Their skin tones range depending on the surrounding environment; common skin tones include gray, green, and blue, though black and even pale white goblins have been sighted.

Goblins are typically a violent race. They have a huge appetite for there size; coupled with poor farming and building skills, goblins must rely on raiding and scavenging from the other races to survive. Their favorite delicacies include human and gnome, which is a hard to come by meat. With little ability to build tools, most goblin tribes live in caves, ramshackle huts, or abandoned buildings. The main thing that keeps goblins from dying out is their incredibly high birthrate, even after considering their high young goblin mortality rate. They reach adulthood by age 12 and their average lifespan, though very few live that long, is 45 years.

Goblin society is tribal in nature. The toughest and sneakiest of goblins becomes chief. They life often on the outskirts of other settlements or places with a wealth of food, because they have little ability to produce any themselves. For this reason, they regularly raid. They like shiny little nicknacks, though often worthless bits of junk. They raise their young in communal cages, where the children are often left to fend for themselves. Goblins see most other races as food, which in turn results in animosity from most of the civilized races. Goblins have a special animosity towards Gnomes, and they greatly enjoy capturing and killing them. Half-Orcs are likely the most sympathetic of Goblins, with whom they see a shared heritage as well as sharing the same hatred within many societies. The Lomarii are similarly repulsed by these ugly, hungry little humanoids.


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