Gnomes are one of the new races to inhabit Lunestriel, having come from Golarion to the planet by way of the Gate-Stones. They are known as the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-born” in Ancient Lunerii.


Gnomes are one of the shorter races, standing at 3’0" to 3’8" feet tall and weighing 32 to 45 pounds. Despite their size, though, gnomes are rather resilient. Their hair and skin tones range more than most any other race; they come in many hues and colors, some of which can be quite bizarre. They are also fairly likely to use dyes and illusions to change their appearance to look even more outlandish. Their hair is typically a vibrant color such as the fiery orange of autumn leaves, the verdant green of forests at springtime, or the deep reds and purples of wildflowers in bloom. Similarly, their flesh tones range from earthy browns to floral pinks, and gnomes with black, pastel blue, or even green skin are not unknown. Gnomes live around 200 years and reach adulthood at age 40.


Distant relatives of the fey, gnomes are eccentric and fun-loving. However, they have difficulty relating to other races, and often come across as nonsensical. They can be a bit scatter-brained and love to be entertained at all times. They get along fairly well with halflings, lop, ahreez, kuna, and humans to a degree. But gnomes feel the serious races, such as aaenshi, avians, dwarves, and such need to lighten up; this often involves pranks meant to help them loosen up. Gnomes are always looking for adventure and excitement. They are natural adventurers and therefore don’t generally organize themselves into classic society structures.


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