The Firenewts are one of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-born” in Ancient Lunerii. They, as the Aaenshi and Avians, are an old race that has existed in Lunestriel for as long as anyone has thought to record such things.


Lizard-like humanoids, Firenewts stand around 4’8" to 5’6" feet tall and weigh 90 to 150 pounds. Their mottled skin is faded red in color; their backs have black designs and their stomachs are a pale tan. They have tails and a small ridge of bony spurs along their spine. Firenewts have large, pupil-less black eyes and can see well in the dark. They hatch from eggs and reach maturity at age 12. They have average lifespans of 60 years.

Reclusive and strange, Firenewts live in warm, often volcanic regions. They often hide from strangers and dwell in remote locations hidden from travelers. They are distrusting and shy. Firenewts are resilient and agile, living in seemingly inhospitable regions to those unadapted to their way of living. They live in small, closely knit tribes, often led by a magically or divinely talented leader. Firenewts have an obsession with bright, shiny gems and love to collect them, particularly green and blue gems. They dislike avians, because of the roc that prey upon their race, but trust other scaly-folk.


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