The Cerean were among the original races that called Lunestriel their home before the arrival of the Dowmarii, which means “Portal-Born” in Ancient Lunerii. Cerean are an ancient race and one of the oldest of the Lomarii, meaning “Lunar-Born” in Ancient Lunerii.

These pale-skinned humanoids look similar to humans, with the notable exception of an enlarged cranium. They stand on average 5’10" – 6’8" feet tall. Slender but densely built, they weigh around 150 – 220 pounds. They have pale skin complexions but their eyes are vibrant shades, ranging from green, blue, violet, and red. Interestingly, they have two hearts that help pump blood to their large brain, as well as the rest of their body. Thus, they have great physical capabilities to compliment their keen intellect.


Cereans are intelligent humanoids; their large brains enable them to process large amounts of information and to consider a problem from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. They are skilled craftsmen and mages, and have produced some incredible artifacts. Rather xenophobic, the Cereans were an isolated people.

Sadly, when the Dowmarii came through the Gate-Stones they brought with them disease. The Cereans in particular were susceptible to these new diseases. To further compound matters, a Gate-Stone was squarely within their domain. They were utterly wiped out. No one has seen a Cerean in many, many years.


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